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Areas of Focus

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Holistic Financial Planning

The perfect match: Your financial needs and our custom solutions.

Sound financial health. It takes in-depth analysis. It takes careful planning. It takes solutions, tailored to meet your unique requirements. At PrisCo Financial, we employ a disciplined, structured approach to planning which, by design, ensures that we incorporate all of your needs, goals and objectives in developing a plan that's appropriate for you.

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Financial Independence

Taxes. Living expenses. Inflation. That's about as much as most people can predict about their future. But what if you could get a realistic perspective on the ability of your income and assets to meet your long-term needs and objectives? What if you could analyze a variety of 'what-if' scenarios to prepare for all the contingencies the future might hold?

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Investment Planning

Our approach to investment planning relies on core principles developed and tested since the inception of our firm. These principles are:

  • Asset allocation provides the foundation to managing portfolio risk and return potential;
  • Tax efficiency and asset location are critical;
  • Portfolio expenses must be scrutinized;
  • No single money management firm can be all things to all people; and
  • Our most important role is to be an objective advocate. Our goal is to control costs, be tax efficient and manage risk. This provides an effective way of helping achieve your financial goals.

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Insurance Analysis

A big part of keeping your dream alive is making plans to protect the financial situation of your loved ones, particularly your dependents. We believe that sound planning begins by building a strong base of financial security. We have access to a full spectrum of insurance products designed to help you manage the risks of premature death, disability and long-term care. We can provide guidance in choosing the type of coverage that is appropriate for you and your family.

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Business Owner Planning

Through hard work and perseverance, you’ve taken a vision and turned it into reality. You’ve built a successful business. You’ve created wealth. Maybe you’ve even begun grooming the next generation of leadership. Now, it’s time for the next phase – capitalizing on what you started.

The Business Intelligence Institute provides pragmatic strategies to help grow and protect your business, while potentially maximizing its value – allowing you to accomplish personal, financial and estate preservation goals. Business Intelligence Specialists offer planning-based, outcome-oriented solutions that answer business owners’ critical questions:

  • “How can I grow and protect my business?”
  • “What is my business (really) worth?”
  • “Who’ll take the reins?”
  • “How do I attract and retain top talent?”
  • “How do I tap the wealth in my company?”

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Employee Benefits

As your business grows and you add staff, choosing benefits and retirement plans becomes more complicated. You have many options to choose from. That variety, however, gives you a better chance of picking a plan that can more precisely meet your needs - such as rewarding key employees, beefing up their savings, and providing incentives for them to stay with your company.

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Estate Preservation

Generally, the goals of estate planning are to provide for financial security in life and to maximize - given the client's goals and objectives - the estate for family and other heirs following death. To fully leverage estate preservation opportunities and develop strategies to help achieve distribution objectives, we consider a number of strategies.

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