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Speaking Engagement Request

Dan Prisciotta is a dynamic speaker who has presented to many industry, association, and professional groups over the years and has been interviewed by CNN Business News, WFAS Financial Radio and quoted in Wall St. Journal, Fortune Small Business and LA Times. Dan is available to speak on the following topics:

  • Understanding the New Tax World and How to Take Advantage of It
  • One Way Out – How to Grow, Protect, and Exit From Your Business
  • Exit Strategies for the Business Owner: Maximizing Value in Transition
  • Defend Your Wealth – Protecting Your Assets in an Increasingly Volatile World
  • Passing the Torch: Case Studies in Family Business Succession Planning
  • Estate Preservation Planning Strategies 
  • What's My Business Really Worth in  Today's Economy?
  • The New Role of Life Insurance in Tax Planning
  • Am I Really Prepared for Financial Independence?
  • Wealth Transfer Techniques
  • Protect Your Investment Portfolio
  • What are a Business Owner's Options for Exiting When the Time is Right?
  • How Can You Maximize Proceeds From the Sale of a Business?
  • Keeping it in the Family: What to Do if Your Goal is to Transfer Your Company to Your Children

If you would like to have Dan speak to your group, please reach out to our office.