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Holistic Financial Planning

The perfect match: Your financial needs and our custom solutions.

Sound financial health. It takes in-depth analysis. It takes careful planning. It takes solutions, tailored to meet your unique requirements. We employ a disciplined, structured approach to planning which, by design, ensures that we incorporate all of your needs, goals and objectives, in developing a plan that's appropriate for you.

We specialize in identifying and resolving complex estate, business transfer, retirement and investment problems. We have a long and proud history of helping to meet the needs of business owners, executives, professionals and retirees.

Our process proceeds through two primary steps: first to fully understand and analyze the specifics of your financial situation, and then to provide you with the information, advice and alternatives you need to make informed decisions about your financial future. Each of our plans is designed to help meet your unique needs, circumstances and objectives.

The Key Elements of a Sound Financial Plan

All of our plans include a comprehensive evaluation and analysis, and recommendations in one or more of the following areas:

  • Financial Independence. With retirement often lasting for 20 years or more, many of our clients are concerned about outliving their savings. To avoid a savings shortfall, it is critical to spend time now to help ensure that you will have the capital to afford the retirement lifestyle you desire. We'll help you choose appropriate techniques to accumulate wealth for retirement income and offer alternatives for asset allocation and income distribution following retirement.
  • Investment Planning. In today's economic environment, obtaining investment information is easy; choosing the investments that are appropriate for you is much more difficult. We assist you in identifying your investment objectives, evaluating your risk tolerance, analyzing your current portfolio, developing an appropriate asset allocation strategy and recommending various alternatives tailored to meet your individual needs and goals.
  • Business Succession Planning. If you are a business owner, we help you to decide whether to keep or sell your interest at death, disability or retirement. Whatever your decision, we help assist you in retaining its value for you and your family. We also will evaluate the tax consequences of your options and help you reduce their impact at the time of transfer.
  • Estate Preservation. Taxes can significantly shrink the size of your estate. Proper planning is critical to help minimize estate settlement costs and provide a comfortable living for your family. We provide advice on issues including property ownership, distribution strategies, estate tax reduction and tax payment techniques.

Tailored, Not Off-the-Rack Solutions

You'll find that working with PrisCo Financial is a rewarding experience. Our planning process puts the emphasis on you and your needs, not on a pre-packaged set of solutions or ideas. We are committed to providing you with the information you need to make timely, informed decisions about your financial future. The benefits of this approach are quickly apparent - you enjoy a greater understanding of the impact of various options and are better positioned to make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

In addition to our educational approach, there are other benefits that PrisCo Financial can offer, such as:

We do not claim to be all things to all people. We work exclusively with high net worth business owners, professionals, executives and retirees - all responsible, respected leaders in their industries, professions and communities. By limiting our scope, we have developed a detailed understanding of the unique problems and opportunities our clients face. This translates into our ability to help you achieve your specific financial goals.

The Model Approach – Crunching the Numbers
Effective planning is only possible with the help of good financial modeling and forecasting. Our proprietary software allows us to create an individualized Financial Condition Model that:

  • Addresses your needs and objectives in a way that fully takes into account the long-term impact of taxation, inflation and each of the financial strategies you have already implemented or plan to implement;
  • Accurately projects your annual cash flow - income and expenses - and your asset growth over the full length of your life expectancy; and
  • Estimates, at all points in time, the size of your net worth, your savings and investments, and your estate growth and taxation.

With our sophisticated financial modeling, we can help you determine the adequacy of your current financial situation, show how a given planning strategy that you have already implemented or are considering compares to other available strategies, and demonstrate what happens to your current plan if you should experience significant changes in your personal, business or family situation, taxes, inflation or investment returns.

Bringing it All Together
Many of our clients have long-term advisors - typically an attorney, CPA and others - who have done much of their planning work (wills, trusts, business agreements, retirement plans, etc.). Our work reviews, supplements and coordinates the services these advisors provide. While each of your existing advisors is a focused specialist, we look at the various pieces of your financial picture and put them together by using a cross-disciplinary approach to help meet your objectives. We also work closely with your advisors to ensure that the alternatives you choose complement any existing business, estate tax or investment strategies.

In addition to recommending various alternatives for your consideration, we can help you to implement the decisions you make. Through our registered investment advisor and broker-dealer, Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., you will have access to investment planning services and business solutions through our Business Intelligence Institute and Equity Strategies Group. In addition, through Lincoln and other companies, we offer an extensive portfolio of insurance products to provide estate liquidity, fund shareholder’s agreements, executive compensations plans and other strategies

With access to so many products and companies, you can be confident that we will provide you with innovative, appropriate and objective solutions to your financial problems and needs.

Follow Through
Your relationship with PrisCo Financial doesn't end once we complete our work and help you implement your plan. Because your personal situation, tax laws, business conditions and objectives are not static, the plan you develop today will rarely meet all of your needs in the future. By periodically meeting with you, we will analyze any changes in your financial situation, evaluate their impact on your current plan, and recommend alternatives, as necessary. This often-ignored step is critical to help ensure the long-term benefit of the planning process for you, your business and your family.

A Client-Centered Philosophy
Our overriding philosophy - the one that uniquely defines the way we do business - is Serve First, Last and AlwaysSM. The essence of this philosophy is that in all client engagements, regardless of the circumstances, we are committed to do whatever is required to get you to take whatever actions are necessary to put your financial affairs in appropriate order. Conviction in our advice; the courage to get our clients to take action; the competency to guide you; and communication that builds understanding and trust - these are the key qualities of "Serve First." These are the commitments we make to you when you choose to retain us.

You Can Count On Us
PrisCo Financial's name and reputation have been built on servicing each client as if he or she were our only client. The personal attention that our representatives provide is one of the primary reasons that many of our clients become partners for life.

If this is the kind of relationship that makes sense to you, give us the opportunity to personally discuss the benefit of our work with you. We are confident you'll be glad you did.