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Complimentary Services for Business Owners

  • Business Exit Readiness Survey (BERI) – Our 10-minute, 20-question online assessment to help you determine your financial and mental readiness for your exit. A confidential six-page report, customized to your answers, follows your survey. Whether you want to transition your company in one or 10 years, our Business Exit Readiness Index will help you prepare and get on the right path.
  • Business Valuation Estimator – What is the true value of your business today? This is a question many owners ponder. We will perform calculations which will show the potential value of your business using several widely accepted valuation methods, based on a review of current financial statements.
  • Corporate Policy Review (CPR) – If your company owns or pays for life insurance to support buy/sell agreements, split-dollar, key person, deferred compensation plans, estate plans, etc., a Corporate Policy Review (CPR) is recommended at least every three years to make sure your policies are cost-effective and will meet your expectations.
  • Buy/Sell Agreement Review – Do you have a catastrophe plan? Is it up-to-date? What would happen to your business if you or your partner(s) met an untimely death? Or disability? Or if you decide to retire? Does the price reflect today’s valuation? Unless your agreement has been reviewed in the past three years, it may pose a serious threat to you, your business, and your family.
  • 401(k) Plan Review/Benchmarking – In light of the recent Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule, there is a requirement to review your 401(k) plan to ensure that you are in compliance with all fiduciary requirements. We offer a complimentary retirement plan review to benchmark fees, investments, fiduciary coverage, and performance.
  • Marketability Assessment – If you are seriously considering a sale of your business to a third party, a Marketability Assessment is critical. It helps business owners determine whether a sale of their business to outsiders makes financial sense. We provide a valuation range based on comparable sales and prevailing EBITDA multiples in the industry, recommendations to enhance value, and access to our national network of Investment Banks and M&A firms to assist in implementation.
  • Value Driver Assessment – A value driver is a factor that increases the value and marketability of a business. We have compiled an assessment tool to address these value drivers with a rating system that will help to determine your company’s strengths and weaknesses. In preparing to transfer your company, you must carefully consider these value drivers. We will also identify possible value detractors and deal killers. The goal is to help you understand your company’s strengths and areas for business value improvement.